Smile Simplicity Veneers

Bonded directly to your teeth, Smile Simplicity dental veneers are made with porcelain that is contact lens thin. Smile Simplicity veneers require No Shots, No Pain and No Removal of sensitive tooth structure! This permits our dental team to reduce preparation time and revitalize your smile. Veneers not only fill in cracks and cover stains or discoloration, but also redesign the appearance of your entire mouth.

Veneers Can Help

Correct Cracked Teeth 100%
Fix Gapped Teeth 100%
Fix Gapped Teeth 100%




What is The Process of Veneers?

For many of our patients, the veneer process requires two or three visits. At your initial appointment, we’ll discuss your present dental condition along with what we aim to achieve by placing veneers on your teeth. Once a realistic dental plan is ready, the careful preparation process begins. We’ll make an impression of your teeth and then forward it to our laboratory for fabrication. This step of the plan usually takes between ten days and two weeks. Once the veneers are created, our team works to ensure that your veneers feel and look just like your natural teeth. When the veneers are bonded into position you’ll see the immediate results with a bright new smile that transforms your whole appearance.

 One or two visits are typically necessary to complete the placement of your veneers. There’s little to no discomfort involved in this procedure.

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