Teeth Whitening

Professional Strength Teeth Whitening


Professional Teeth Whitening also referred to as teeth bleaching can be obtained at All About You Dental Care.  We offer two options for teeth whitening.  One option is a custom tray series which takes approximately 8-12 nights to achieve optimal results. Our dental lab manufacturers custom teeth whitening trays that you wear nightly while sleeping.  The trays are very comfortable.

A faster option is whitening strips.  The kit comes with 10 sets of both upper and lower strips of teeth whitening gel.  You place the strips on your teeth and wear them daily for 15-30 minutes as directed.  Call our dental office in Geneva, IL to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening today, (630) 262-9696.


Do You Want That Perfect Smile??


Affordable & Fast

Teeth Whitening is also one of the most affordable smile enhancement options we offer, and the process is so brief it can be completed over a lunch hour.