Root Canal Procedures

Root Canal – also referred to as endodontics – is a dental procedure performed when a cavity or oral injury causes damage to the roots of your teeth. With this often painful condition, roots can become swollen or even infected. One of the misconceptions about a root canal is that it’s an unpleasant experience for dental patients. In fact, the straightforward and convenient procedure is performed with a local anesthetic and is a critical first step toward restoring good oral health and hygiene.

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Root Canal Procedure

A root canal is most commonly needed to correct decay that has reached nerves or oral trauma or injury to the tooth that’s causing the nerves to die out.

The procedure is done using a local anesthetic and is relatively simple for the patient. After creating access with a dental drill, your dentist can locate and remove the effected nerves. Once the nerve is out it is replaced with a plastic filler material. Many patients will typically require a dental crown to correctly restore the tooth. The majority of our patients experience little to no pain during or after this effective procedure.


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