Night Guards

Whether it occurs while you’re awake during the daytime or sound asleep at night, teeth grinding can lead to a number of dental problems. It can even affect others in your household – some patients who suffer this problem grind so loudly it awakens their spouse.

Can Be Used For Up To 10 Years 100%

Bruxism, which is the dental term for teeth grinding, often leads to painful jaws, worn down tooth enamel and gum irritation. If you are trying to cope with teeth grinding you are not alone. Research shows that as many as eight percent of adults suffer from it, and the percentage is even higher among children. Causes can vary from crooked teeth or abnormal bite to anxiety and sleep apnea.

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Train Your Jaw To Be Free

A night guard provides a solution to teeth grinding that alleviates pain and promotes healthier sleep. Just like protective mouth pieces used in athletics, a night guard is a durable oral device that fits comfortably between your bottom and top teeth. Night guards created for you at All About You Dental Care will not only ease jaw pain and discomfort, but help you sleep better too.

We’ll make a mold of your teeth and submit it to our dental lab for custom creation of your night guard. Easy to clean and care for, night guards are effective for up to ten years.

In addition to the use of a night guard, there are other efforts you can make to lessen or eliminate teeth grinding. Try to get in the habit of keeping your lower jaw loose and relaxed rather than clenched and tense. Also, don’t chew gum and refrain from caffeine or alcohol.

If you’re grinding your teeth, call 630-262-9696 and ask about night guards at All About You Dental Care.