Medications Affect Oral Health

SOME MEDICATIONS AFFECT ORAL HEALTH, factually all medications come with a list of potential side effects and even . Sometimes those side effects include a negative impact on oral health. The Chemistry Of Medications affect [...]

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Dental Scaling And Root Planing: The Basics

ROUTINE PROFESSIONAL DENTAL cleanings by your dental hygienist include scaling, or the careful removal of plaque and tartar from around the gumline. Tartar in particular can only be removed at a professional cleaning, as brushing and [...]

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How To Choose A Great Dentist

THERE ARE A NUMBER of reasons why someone might need to choose a great dentist. Maybe their insurance changed, they’re moving to a new area, or they simply haven’t looked for a dentist yet. Whatever [...]

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VIP Dental Patients

VIP Dental Patients Appreciation night was a blast! 2018 VIP Dental Patients were celebrated by All About You Dental Care on August 8th at the Cougars game. Not only was the game exciting but it [...]

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What Are Those White Spots On My Teeth?

WHAT ARE THOSE WHITE SPOTS ON MY TEETH? THERE ARE A LOT of things that can leave stains on our teeth, and stains can come in many different colors. You could see yellow stains, brown stains, [...]

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Teeth Are Not Tools

OUR TEETH ARE pretty amazing, and there’s a lot they can do. They chew our food, they provide structural support for the lower third of our faces, they help us speak clearly, and they give [...]

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