Diabetes and Your Teeth

DIABETES, WHETHER TYPE 1, 2, or even gestational, makes it more difficult to maintain good dental health. There is a reciprocal relationship between oral health and diabetes, meaning that it’s harder to keep your teeth and [...]

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The Main Causes of Childhood Caries

WHAT LOVES SUGAR just as much as kids? Cavity-causing bacteria. That’s why dental caries is the most common childhood disease. Whenever we eat or drink something sugary or acidic, our saliva needs half an hour to [...]

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Have a Dentist-Approved Halloween!

SPOOKY SEASON HAS been lots of fun this year, and Halloween is just around the corner. As much as we love indulging in the fall activities, the spooky decorations, the fun costumes, and the scary movies, [...]

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Gingival Recession; How To Protect You

YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD the expression “long in the tooth.” It conjures up the image of gingival recession as a synonym for growing old, and yet gum recession isn’t always connected to age. This oral health [...]

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Finding Your Perfect Toothpaste

HOW DO YOU choose the right toothpaste out of the wall of colorful boxes on the store shelf? Is it better to get the one that claims cavity prevention, breath-freshening, whitening, sensitivity, or tartar-fighting? Let’s [...]

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