Toothaches- Don’t let One Ruin Your Day

WHAT CAUSES TOOTHACHES? There are a few different causes, and we want our patients to be familiar with them as well as what they can do about them if a toothache strikes at a time when [...]

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Oral Piercings

WHY WOULD DENTAL health professionals want to weigh in on oral piercings? There aren’t many fashion choices that impact oral health, but this one does. The unfortunate reality is that lip and tongue piercings pose serious [...]

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Smoking Versus Teeth

THE FIRST NEGATIVE health effect we usually think of in connection to smoking is lung cancer, but it actually harms every system in the body, and oral health is no exception. Smoking (or any kind of [...]

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Why We’re Thankful for the Dentist

IT’S THAT TIME of the year when we take stock of what we’re thankful for. Even in a turbulent year, there’s plenty that goes on that list, from our families and friends to new skills we’ve [...]

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What Causes Healthy Gums?

THERE ARE SEVERAL reasons gum tissue might end up bleeding, and not just because of gum disease. We know it can be alarming to experience bleeding gums, so we want to help our patients understand [...]

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