From Dental Health to Overall Health

WHEN WE THINK of being healthy, how much are we thinking about dental health? Just because we go to our dentists for oral health concerns and physicians for overall health concerns, it doesn’t mean there’s [...]

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Canker Sores and What Causes Them?

CANKER SORES CAN be a real pain in the mouth! They might not be very dangerous, but they can make it pretty hard to have a good day. These angry little ulcers can form inside our [...]

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Drinks and Your Oral Health

WHAT WE DRINK can have a big impact on our oral health, sometimes in ways that seem counterintuitive. We want to take a look at some of the best and worst drinks for our teeth. Sugary [...]

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Pregnancy and Oral Health

ASIDE FROM THE OBVIOUS, there are all kinds of changes the body goes through during pregnancy. Some of them can even impact teeth and gums, from morning sickness to changing hormone levels that increase the [...]

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Sleep Apnea OSA

IN JUST THE UNITED STATES, sleep apnea OSA affects over 18 million adults and up to 20 percent of children who habitually snore. Sleep apnea is a disorder involving brief, repeated interruptions to normal breathing [...]

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Spotlight on Men’s Oral Health

Men's oral health means taking good care of our teeth and gums, but did you know that this can mean different things for men than for women? That’s right: one of the ways men and [...]

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