Geneva Dentist – Welcome to All About You Dental Care! We’re a Geneva Dentist providing cosmetic and family dental services. Our goal is to help each and every one of our patients achieve their very best oral health. Our practice is dedicated to comprehensive and pain-free care that includes cosmetic and preventative dentistry..

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Our slate of Geneva Dentist services includes:

Complete exams, x-rays and dental cleanings. Routine exams are an essential part of preventive oral healthcare. During a dental exam, your Geneva Dentist or hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth and look for cavities and signs of gum disease. The exam also evaluates your risk of developing oral health problems and may include dental X-rays.

During a dental exam, the Geneva Dentist or hygienist may discuss your diet or dental hygiene practices and may show you how to perform correct brushing and flossing. Other discussions might include lifestyle issues that can influence oral health. Consistent exams allow your Geneva Dentist an opportunity to suggest tips on caring for your teeth and to spot any problems early — which is when they’re the most treatable.

The American Dental Association suggests that adults benefit by regularly scheduled dental exams at intervals recommended by your dentist. Even if you do not still have your original natural teeth, it’s important to see your Geneva Dentist for regular exams to preserve your oral health and the condition of your replacement teeth.

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Cosmetic Dental. Comfortable, easy to care for and virtually invisible, Invisalign aligners are a great alternative to metal braces for patients of any age. This innovative method of straightening teeth utilizes dental aligners created specifically for the individual patient. Positioned over the teeth, the transparent plastic aligners serve to move the teeth into their correct, natural position, which improves the patient’s smile and enhances self-confidence. Invisalign doesn’t entail attachments or metal brackets. Just change your set of aligners every two weeks during your treatment.

Dental Bonding. Among the most effective and frequently used techniques to enhance your smile, dental bonding conceals discolorations and fills in gaps and cracks. In this procedure, your Geneva Dentist will place a composite resin directly to your teeth to reshape and brighten your teeth resulting in a renewed, healthy smile. The resin is then cured and hardened with application of an LED light. The pleasing result is a refreshed, polished look that you’ll notice right away. Dental bonding is a major improvement from silver fillings. The results of dental bonding can last for as long as ten years.

Dental Bridges. Creating a dental bridge begins with making abutments from your existing teeth. The abutments serve as attachment points for when your Geneva Dentist applies your new dental bridge. After the abutments are ready for placement, we’ll create an impression of your existing teeth and submit it to our dental lab to create a mold that feels and appears natural. Dental bridges are an excellent solution for missing teeth. Bridges are usually made from gold, alloys or porcelain to assure durability.

Root canal. A root canal treatment is needed when the interior of a tooth – known as the pulp – becomes infected due to decay, faulty dental crowns or other trauma. If pulp infection is allowed to go untreated, it can lead to increasing pain or result in an abscess.

When you have a root canal performed by your Geneva Dentist, the inflamed or infected tissue is taken out, followed by a careful cleaning of the inside of the tooth. The space is then filled up and sealed with a rubbery material called “gutta-percha”. Finally, the tooth is restored by your Geneva Dentist with a dental crown or a filling for protection. When properly healed it functions like any other natural tooth.

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Dental Crowns. If you would like to improve your smile, dental crowns just may the right solution for you. Additionally, if your Geneva Dentist observes that a tooth is decaying, dental crowns may be needed to prevent more problems in the future.

Dentures. Dentures are among the most well-known ways to replace missing original teeth and bring back your smile. Many of our Geneva Dentist patients benefit from a full set of dentures if their original teeth have all been removed. Others benefit from a partial set only. Dentures are created to closely match the unique needs of each patient.

If your dental condition calls for the removal of your original teeth, your gums and mouth tissues will require some time to recover and heal properly before your Geneva Dentist applies new dentures. Some patients typically require a few months for healing while others don’t need quite as long. For most people it takes some time to get accustomed to dentures. A frequent issue is that dentures feel too “bulky” or that they don’t allow enough room for the tongue. For others, their dentures may feel too loose. These issues can affect the way you eat and speak for a short time as you get used to the dentures. However, with some time your mouth will adapt and you’ll become more accustomed to eating and speaking. Dentures may never feel totally comfortable, but they are a much better alternative to not having any teeth or missing most of your teeth.

Periodontal Health and Dental Hygiene.

All About You Dental Care is a Geneva Dentist where our valued patients receive the best in dental hygiene services. Our objective is simply to help you attain and preserve the best oral health possible. Our staff is happy to help you put together a dental hygiene plan that keeps your smile bright and healthy.

As critical to good health as they are, your teeth are not the only area of your mouth that need consistent hygiene practices. Taking care of your gums is another major part of oral hygiene. We provide periodontal treatments at our facility, or we can also recommend a periodontal specialist for you.

Extractions. Wisdom teeth extractions are a common procedure provided at All About You Dental Care. As they develop, wisdom teeth frequently cause problems as they push upwards through gum tissue. If a wisdom tooth gets impacted, it’s a sign the tooth is growing in at an improper angle. This typically causes discomfort and results in the tooth coming in unevenly. The unwanted outcome of this can be a flap of tissue that forms across the tooth, which can make it tough to clean. Also, the flap can be a sort of “trap” where food particles collect. This uncomfortable condition is known as pericoronitis and often causes swelling and pain. In some cases this condition may resolve naturally, but in most instances treatment is required.

Inlays and Onlays. An alternative to silver amalgam fillings, this effective method for repairing cracked or damaged rear teeth can be compared to dental crowns. By using part of an existing tooth as a base, your Geneva Dentist puts your new inlay or onlay over the cusp of the tooth. This important step helps make the tooth stronger, restore its natural shape and prevent additional damage. An inlay is applied if the tooth doesn’t have damage on the cusp. It can be placed on the tooth and is generally used when damage is more extensive. Like inlays, an onlay is a form of tooth restoration that fixes a missing cusp.

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